Sunday, July 18, 2010

Caught By the Popo's

Breanna, Rachael, Derek, (I believe his name is Trevor), Datlin, and I all went to the cemetery. BEFORE curfew. We were going to play Ghost in the Graveyard, but instead we sat down and started to talk. Then Derek started swearing and yelling, "Run there's a ******* cop!" We all ran thinking it wasn't really a cop. Then the person who was chasing us yelled, "STOP POLICE!!"
We all froze and started walking back to the officer. He asked us if we saw anyone coming by wearing white. We told him there were people following us and stuff trying to scare us. He said OK but we needed to get home because it was eleven. (it was really 10:57) So we all started walking back. Told Megan and she was laughing at us 'till we told her what the cop said. He told us that there had been a burglary down the street from us. We stayed outside with Megan a little longer then we thought we saw the guy who robbed the house. The person who robbed the house had been following us "trying" to scare us. They probably would've been caught earlier if Derek hadn't said to them, "Shut up and run, it's the police" But turns out they caught them and they confessed.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mall Day

Breanna and Briana came over and we went to the mall together.
It was fun.
We rode little kid rides and then the mall security guard came over and told us we couldn't do that anymore.
Then we tried on a lot of dresses.
They were pur-ty.
We did a lot of other things too.
They are special memories.
bEeP.... BeEp.... BEEP!!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Yesterday was awesome!
We got to play with our cousin Sariah.
She had a little bit too much sweets.
We had a barbecue with our family.
It was fun!
Very FUN!
We also made a new friend Kennedy.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

3'rd of July!

We went to a park yesterday and had a barbecue. It was awesome!!! We saw the Stadium of Fire Fireworks. We also made beautiful braclets for the Fourth of July.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Last Night

We did the first coat of paint on our shelf. It isn't all that pretty, but that's probably mostly because it is poster paint. Meaning it is not meant for wood. We did this at like 8 at night. When we finished we went outside and walked. When we were walking we ran into Julie and we went over to her house. She made us clean up, we were covered in paint. Then we called Mary. Found out that we were grounded and needed to come home. We went home and then laid on Rachael's bed for like five hours and colored. Then we went to the living room to go to sleep. Rachael believed I was seriously possessed by a ghost, truth be told I was tired. Rachael heard Orea outside and tried to get her to come in. When she did not Rachael came over to lay down but I was on her side of the couch so she laid on mine. I went over to lay down on my side I didn't know she was there. As I was laying down I accidentally poked her in the eye, and her way of payback was to, I swear, stab me in the eye. My dad woke up and came out and yelled at us. Then Rachael and I went back to our room and talked for about five minutes and then crashed.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

All of our attemps today

RayRay and I decided to wash our new shelf thingy.
Then we decided to wash Mary's car.
It was fun, then we decided to have a car wash.
We asked three people, two said they couldn't and one wasn't home.
Then we decided to have a lemonade sell.
No cups.
Then we decided to have a yard sale.
We got hungry.
We ate while we watched a movie.
I fell asleep.
RayRay took a shower.
It is now 5:34.
We are giving up!