Sunday, July 18, 2010

Caught By the Popo's

Breanna, Rachael, Derek, (I believe his name is Trevor), Datlin, and I all went to the cemetery. BEFORE curfew. We were going to play Ghost in the Graveyard, but instead we sat down and started to talk. Then Derek started swearing and yelling, "Run there's a ******* cop!" We all ran thinking it wasn't really a cop. Then the person who was chasing us yelled, "STOP POLICE!!"
We all froze and started walking back to the officer. He asked us if we saw anyone coming by wearing white. We told him there were people following us and stuff trying to scare us. He said OK but we needed to get home because it was eleven. (it was really 10:57) So we all started walking back. Told Megan and she was laughing at us 'till we told her what the cop said. He told us that there had been a burglary down the street from us. We stayed outside with Megan a little longer then we thought we saw the guy who robbed the house. The person who robbed the house had been following us "trying" to scare us. They probably would've been caught earlier if Derek hadn't said to them, "Shut up and run, it's the police" But turns out they caught them and they confessed.

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